RV Endeavor Marine Operations

New! Watch a live feed from the RV Endeavor on cruise number EN565 from the GSO Inner Space Center. Dedicated link.

The Research Vessel Endeavor is owned by the National Science Foundation and operated under a Charter Party Agreement by the Graduate School of Oceanography at the University of Rhode Island. The ship was built in 1975 and underwent a major mid-life refit in 1993. The vessel is homeported in Narragansett, RI at the URI Bay Campus and is scheduled by the UNOLS scheduling committee.

Upcoming Schedule

Sep 2015 - Scientific Cruise - 5 Days
Principal Investigator: Dwight Coleman
University of Rhode Island
Chief Scientist: Dwight Coleman
Sep 2015 - Transit - 3 Days
Narragansett, RI, USA
Norfolk, VA, USA
Sep 2015 - Scientific Cruise - 13 Days
Principal Investigator: Robert Gibson
Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City
Chief Scientist: Harry Simpson
Chief Scientist: Brian Houston
Sep 2015 - Transit - 4 Days
Norfolk, VA, USA
Port Everglades, FL, USA
Oct 2015 - Scientific Cruise - 18 Days
Principal Investigator: William Johns
University of Miami
Chief Scientist: William Johns
RSMA, U. Miami
Oct 2015 - Scientific Cruise - 9 Days
Principal Investigator: Brice Loose
University of Rhode Island
Chief Scientist: Brice Loose